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Best Spine SurgeonsThere are several qualities to look for when searching for the best spine surgeons to treat you or a member of your family. There are also several questions you should ask a spine surgeon before selecting them to treat you. If you can ask the right questions and do your research, it will save you a lot of problems later and make the process of finding one of the best spine surgeons easier.

First, what qualities should you look for to find one of thebest spine surgeons for you? Find out if they are board certified. All of the doctors at the South Texas Spinal Clinic are board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. In addition they have completed fellowship training that specializes in spinal care and spinal surgery.

The next step in finding the best spine surgeon for you is to ask the right questions. Be cautious if a doctor or clinic will only see surgical cases and doesn’t know much about non-surgical care and options. The doctors at South Texas Spinal Clinic practice conservative care where appropriate and we always try to educate our patients on every available option for treatment before considering surgery. Next, make sure your spine surgeon is capable of dealing with post-surgical problems. We are very experienced in helping you before, during, and after your surgery to ensure you receive excellent care. You should also make sure that the spine surgeon is caring and compassionate. Rude and disrespectful doctors have no place in your search to find someone to treat you. If you click on the “patient stories” section of our website you can read many of the stories from patients who were surprised by the excellent level of care received from our clinic doctors and staff.

If you are wondering if we would be the best spine surgeons to treat you, please give us a call to set up an appointment and find out. One of our doctors will give you a full evaluation and answer any questions you may have. We practice conservative and traditional care where appropriate, but we’re also ready with state-of-the art facilities and leading edge spinal care treatments. Call today to begin the path to recovery.

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