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Texas Spine Center

Texas Spine CenterIf you are in search of a great Texas spine center then you should check out the South Texas Spine Center. We have three main offices in the San Antonio area as well as many satellite offices to better serve our surrounding communities. This Texas spine center has many doctors to serve your needs. Spine and back care is our only specialty. If you have any type of back problem please come to see us. We are well prepared to treat all types of back problems including back and neck injuries, fractures, herniated discs or leg pain (radiculopathy), spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and degenerative deformities. There are options for almost every patient to help manage the pain, correct problems, and get you back to regular function. You don’t need to suffer or have your loved ones suffer. Please make an appointment and get the process started to find out what is wrong and get you on the way to better health.

Patients love that we offer so many different physicians with many different sub-specialties. We also offer a wide range of treatment options. Our doctors are continually learning and studying proven methods and also cutting edge treatment options. When a patient comes to us we conduct a full evaluation. Then we diagnose the problem and present treatment options. These options range from suggesting lifestyle changes to physical therapy and even surgery if needed. We explain each option and expected outcomes and risks and let the patients decide what avenue to take. Our staff never pressures patients. We understand that you have to live with which option you choose and so we strive to give you all the facts and help you through the entire process. We do this with compassion and in a way that you can trust the information you are given.

Choosing a spine surgeon can be tough. You want someone you can trust. Our doctors are all board certified and have years of experience. Many of them are even nationally recognized. They all love what they do and are committed to continually improving their skills. The nurses and staff at our Texas spine center have lots of experience in helping our patients. They are caring and compassionate and ready to help. Please give us a call to make an appointment.

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