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Clay Beabout & Dr. James W. Simmons on The Doctors

Clay Beabout spent most of his childhood in the hospital. The fifteen year-old was diagnosed with VATER syndrome, which is a variety of developmental abnormalities that form in the utero. He was unable to stand up straight, breath easily nor walk on his own without support.

With a model of a child’s spine, Dr. James Walter Simmons explains how titanium was added to Clay’s ribs which were aligned with his spine and pelvis to help stretch and straighten the spine. As a result, Clay’s spine was straightened and often times the titanium ribs can be removed.

In this clip of The Doctors, South Texas Spinal Clinic’s orthopedic spinal surgeon, Dr. James Walter Simmons discusses Clay’s many surgeries that he had had and how he is now doing.

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