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Not every patient is able to achieve a full recovery, but every patient can achieve a higher quality of life at the minimum. For most patients, proper treatment and medical procedures allows them to return to a rich and full life…

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Larry Garcia
John Stacy Underwood
“PT is the most important thing a person can do after a major injury and surgery. Ketki, my PT is extremely knowledgable and has been the key to my final steps in the recovery process. I would and do suggest you call South Texas Spinal Clinic.”

Daniel Ramirez
“After having been injured and resulting in herniated discs, Physical Therapy was recommended by my Doctor. I visited South Texas Spinal Clinic Physical Therapy and met with Ms. Ketki Rana, where she evaluated me and proceeded to lay out a plan and regimen to help me get better and reduce my pain level. I am very appreciative and thankful for the attentive care and compassion which Ms. Rana displayed towards me. Her vast knowledge of my condition was very reassuring during my treatment. Not only did she guide me through the exercises, but also clearly explained what the purpose was and how it would benefit me. Ms. Ketki Rana is a true consummate professional with a wonderful and caring attitude. She is a true asset for South Texas Spinal Clinic Physical Therapy.Thank you Ketki !!”

Nunki Rosas
“Best PT clinic I have ever gone to. From the initial consult the process was smooth, fast, and suited my needs. The PT sessions were excellent, as they were tailored not only to help with my pain issues, but also my day to day activities were factored in. My therapists, Ketki Rana and Nancy Bowers, collaborated and communicated efficiently about my treatment; which in turn made it even more efficient. Ketki made sure I was set up with a continued home exercise program after my sessions were finished. Nancy always took the time to show me how to do the exercises correctly and gave me great tips on continue care. Mary at the front desk was excellent in accommodating my schedule needs and making sure all my appointments were scheduled properly. Overall, my experience was extremely satisfactory. So much so, that I have already recommended people I know to go to your clinic. Ketki was really awesome and went above and beyond to help manage my recovery process.”

From Dr. Hirsch’s Staff

Story I:


Story II
“I have had back pain for many years without relief until now. I have had previous adjustments from chiropractors and attended Physical Therapy previously without lasting results and no direction for prevention. Dr Hirsch suggested a specific direction for physical therapy and after a few weeks with Ketki and Nancy and PT, I have had much better flexibility and virtually no back pain. I can now recognize the issues that arise with posture and flexibility and have a comprehensive system to deal with the issue. Thanks so much.” Patient 2016


From Dr. Dennis’ Staff


Story I:

Dr Dennis and his staff are amazing! He has done both of my back surgeries and has saved me from having to have a fusion. Every time I call or email, they respond promptly and with care. Dr Dennis himself even speaks with me over the phone if needed.This is exactly the reason I choose to travel two hours for my appointments! Thank you for helping me and caring.

From Dr. Meadows’ Staff


Story I:

I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent care you have given me before, during and after my surgery in April. You have not only proven to be my favorite Doctor, but also a friend that I know I can count on to take good care of me, shoot straight with me and trust with my life. Those qualities are hard to find in many people these days, much less a doctor. My only wish is that my family and friends are as fortunate when they need the care of a physician or surgeon. Your care and kindness is immeasurable and I will never be able to thank you enough.

I am for the most part a very active woman and mother and love to be able to play with my boys and experience the fun that life has to offer. Each time that I have ruptured the disc in my back I knew that you would fix me up good as new – just as you have done once again. I must say this last time around was a bit more nerve racking because of the pain that was endured and the quickness of the onset of pain. I remember lying in the holding area of the Spinal Hospital wondering when I was going in for surgery, with much anxiety to say the least. Just as the anxiety entered my head it left just as quickly when I heard your familiar voice on the other side of the hall hollering “Well, BY GOD”, as Roy D. Mercer would say. Weird as I am, that put my mind at ease and was ready to get the show on the road. Your kindness, your sense of humor and your sincerity are greatly appreciated by my husband and me.

Once again, you, your staff and the staff at the Spinal Hospital have blown me away with the standard of care and kindness. Just as I said before, I can never thank you enough.

Story II:

I wanted to thank you and your staff for the superior service you gave to me.  I have to say the medical staff you have are a direct reflection of you, very compassionate, caring and very attentive to my needs.  I can’t say enough about the care I received while in the hospital as well as my visits to your office.  You by far run a first class operation with systems in place that far surpass all others.  Again, thank you for everything…words cannot express my gratitude.  Patient 2009

From Dr. Pipkin’s Staff

Story I:

I would like to give you special thanks for your patience and for not giving up on me. It was good to hear that you and your staff were on my side when I had all the Insurance problems going on. I know I have alot of faith in you and I am very happy with your service. I would like to thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for the care you have given me.

Story II:
You operated on my wife for a herniated disk and spur situation that had been very painful and restrictive, joins me in thanking you for the ways you handled our apprehensions and questions. From the outset, you gently provided us with a detailed discourse, using a replica of the backbone’s component parts, to explain what has been a very real worry to us. Your patience in responding to our many questions was most reassuring. The hospital environment was superb in every aspect. The personnel were most efficient, understanding of what my wife was going through during the healing process and most pleasant toward visitors, too. While in the process of adjustment, a lovely bouquet of flowers in a vase was delivered to her room. We erred in trying to determine who sent them until one of the nurses said, “That came from Dr. Pipkin”. What a nice gesture of good will and hope for her early recovery! Again, thank you. Most sincerely Patient.

From Dr. Geibel’s Staff

Story I:

Dear Dr. Geibel, Someone on your staff recently called my friend, who had to cancel spinal surgery with you to have a quadruple by pass, to check on her condition following her heart surgery. It was the finest gesture of concern I have ever seen come out of a modern day doctor’s office. Would you be so kind as to see she properly receives our thank you’s.

Story II:

My husband and I write in appreciation for the thoroughness, information and education, and the unhurried time you took yesterday with my appointment.

As mentioned, this was my first accident at the age of 59,although carrying a career reputation of being able to deal with the most difficult of personalities, working with Farmers Insurance, has been one nightmare of intimidation and harassment.

The surprise for me after growing-up with orthopaedic surgeons and as the owner(for 20 years) of a healthcare marketing company, I was not prepared for the same in my personal injury portion of this accident.

It took a while to find you but your professionalism, the cordiality of the x-ray tech and first-ever “hug” from your nurse provided a much needed comfort level and trust in this challenging experience.
Simply thanks for being who you are.

From Dr. Denno’s Staff

Story I:

Dear Dr. Denno,

I wanted to write this letter to let you know of my appreciation with you and your staff.  Since I first had my initial consult with you a couple of weeks ago, the events leading up to my surgery have been vary efficient including the start of the process with your scheduling nurse.

While I was at the South Texas Spine & Surgical Hospital completing my pre-admission on 20 August, 2009 they had me sign an acknowledgment letter indicating that you were part owner of the hospital.  As such I felt compelled to inform how professional the entire staff was.  Everyone from admissions to people in the pre-op lab was professional and courteous making sure to answer all my questions.  I was equally impressed with how organized the entire process was and how the staff communicated amongst themselves as I completed each of the labs.  This allowed me to complete the process quickly.

On the day of surgery, 26 August, 2009 I arrived and checked-in.  My check-in time was 9:30 AM.  I arrived a few minutes early.  I was quickly checked-in.  I remember looking at the clock when I got in bed and noticed the time was 9:30 AM.  The pre-op nurses were efficient and professional as they were completing their tasks.  At the same time they were friendly and made me feel relaxed as they knew I was nervous about the surgery.

While I was in post-op recovering, the nurses there were also fantastic.  They made sure my pain was under control and that I was comfortable.  There was always someone around making sure my recovery was progressing.

Most importantly Dr. Denno I would like to thank you.  I was dealing with my condition over two years.  When Dr. Ganno felt it was time for a surgical consult he recommend you.  I can see he was right in that recommendation.

Story II:

Dear Doctor Denno:

This letter is long overdue… I wanted to thank you for everything you did for my mother. You made my Christmas wish come true… MY MOM! More than anything in the world, I wanted to see my mom without pain, the way she used to be before her back problems. She was herself on Christmas… I even took her to do some light Christmas shopping.

A couple of weeks ago, my mom attended my daughter’s baby shower. It is her first great-grandchild and we had to cancel the first baby shower because she wanted to attend, but couldn’t. My mom was absolutely beautiful! She got her hair done and looked like herself. She was all smiles. People could not believe she had been so ill. As a matter of fact, I was accused of “exaggerating” her condition. We all know the truth.

My mom goes around passing out business cards for you. Dr. Denno, I think my mom is “in love with you.” Not a day goes by my mom doesn’t thank almighty God for you. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for you. We will forever be in debt to you.

From Dr. Greenfield’s Staff

Story I:




Story II:

Story III:

Dear Dr. Greenfield,

I want to compliment you and, basically, provide a letter of recommendation to anyone requiring orthopaedic  care.

You had been recommended to me by Dr. Hirsch after he ordered an x-ray of my hip. From the very first visit you treated me like a valuable person and spent an extraordinary amount of time answering all my questions and providing information regarding hip replacement. Both my husband and I were so impressed with your knowledge as well as your doctor/patient relationship (bedside manner). You explained the procedure in sufficient detail so that anyone could understand. We were not rushed and by the time my first visit was complete we were both in agreement that you were extremely knowledgeable, capable and the doctor that we wanted to do my hip replacement.

Not only did the pain in my hip totally disappear, the procedure you did also eliminated my knee pain. I assume this was due to the fast that you performed an adductor tenotomy as well as the hip replacement. We hadn’t discussed this prior to surgery but while I was under anesthesia you were able to determine that this would help improve my recovery.

I was walking with a cane (no walker) within a week and driving in three weeks. What a miracle!

l would also like to compliment your surgery coordinator, Maren Greenfield. In all my 70 years, with all of the doctor appointments I have scheduled for our family, Maren is the most responsive and helpful assistant l have ever come across. She is prompt, responds to you immediately and always gets things done quickly and efficiently. I even had an occasion when I called her and when I realized I had reached her voice mail, I just hung up the phone thinking I would call back later. Within a very few minutes my phone rang and it was Maren. She had noticed on her caller-ID that I had called and she called me back without me ever having left a message. Compare that to any other doctor’s office where you typically can’t reach the person you want and if you leave a message, you’ll be lucky to get a return phone call. Maren is definitely a tremendous asset to your practice!

I will gladly talk with any patient that is seeking a recommendation for your services. I couldn’t be more pleased. Please don’t hesitate to provide my name, phone number or email to anyone that would like to discuss  your services. Thank you, again!


Story IV:



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