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Type II Diabetes and Bone Health

Research co-authored by Dr. Joshi & Dr. Simmons

Type-2-Diabetes-is-Associated-With-Vertebral-Fractures-Joshi.pngBone health has been traditionally understood as having enough calcium in our diet, and avoiding osteoporosis through screening and treatment. We are now understanding that other factors, such as diabetes, may influence bone fragility and lead to major problems such as vertebral, or spinal, fractures.

These links are especially strong in the Hispanic population. Led by Robert Fajardo, PhD at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, a research team is exploring these relationships between diabetes and bone fragility.

We are proud, at the South Texas Spinal Clinic, to be a part of this bone health research team with Dr. Fajardo. We are involved in a clinical study to collect tissue samples that would be normally discarded in the operating room.

Studying this discarded human tissue in the laboratory, under a microscope will help the team understand the link between diabetes and bone fragility. This will eventually have a strong impact on improving the care we give diabetic patients, for their bone health (avoiding fractures) and overall wellbeing.

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