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Are you are thinking about spine surgery for neck pain, back pain, or other pain? If you are considering surgery, we recommend you consult with one of the spine surgeons and orthopaedic doctors at the South Texas Spinal Clinic. Not all pain is the same and not all physicians are the same.

Need Physical Therapy?

Expect the best, most dedicated and experienced team of licensed Physical Therapists in the region. Read more…

The doctors at the South Texas Spinal Clinic share an abiding concern for your health and a passion for informed and personalized care. When pain doesn’t respond to other modalities, surgery may be an option.

Your medical team will make an in-depth assessment and consult with you to consider your options, including your candidacy for minimally invasive surgery technology like the NuVasive™ system.

Don’t spend another moment in unnecessary pain. Call the South Texas Spinal Clinic at (210) 614-6432 and start your journey to pain relief.

News from The South Texas Spinal Clinic

How to Recover and Overcome Rotator Cuff Surgery

How to Recover and Overcome Rotator Cuff Surgery

Recovering from rotator cuff tear can be a lengthy process!  The initial injury can seriously impact your daily life and, unfortunately, it takes time to see improvement due to surgery. Even though it is arthroscopic, rotator cuff surgery can result in some pain and stiffness. What causes a rotatRead More
How To Handle Osteoporosis

How To Handle Osteoporosis

About Osteoporosis and Fractures Osteoporosis is a disease of the bone that makes a person’s bones weak and more likely to break. Approximately 10 million Americans have osteoporosis and another 44 million have low bone density, placing them at increased risk of a fracture. There are 54 million ARead More
Will You Develop Spinal Problems?

Will You Develop Spinal Problems?

Chronic back problems are one of the most common injuries as we age. As we grow older, our bodies unfortunately deteriorate and we’re not able to perform certain daily functions as easily as before. Certain things we do throughout our life can increase our risk of developing back problems. ProfesRead More

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