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South Texas Fracture Prevention Clinic We provide compassionate treatment and give each of our patients the time they deserve.

Fracture Prevention Clinic in South Texas "We offer caring treatment, dedicating ample time to each patient." Our mission is to enhance patient awareness of bone health by providing detailed explanations about specific bone diseases and associated risks. The Fracture Prevention Clinic is committed to educating patients on proactive measures to prevent bone issues and fractures. While welcoming all patients concerned about bone health, our specialization lies in addressing osteoporosis and osteopenia. Key Features: Non-invasive and comfortable testing Immediate bone density results on the same day Treatment plans based on evidence Simplified and affordable billing process

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Diagnostic Services at South Texas Fracture Prevention Clinic

Ensuring comprehensive bone health assessment, we go beyond bone quantity evaluation with a DXA scan by incorporating lab value analysis to understand the reasons for bone loss. In cases of pain complaints, X-rays are conducted to rule out fractures, and whole-body scans are offered to examine muscle, bone, and fat composition.

Bone Density Test The bone density test, also known as a dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry scan or DXA Scan, quantifies the grams of calcium and other bone minerals in a specific bone segment. While the spine and hips are commonly tested, other areas may be assessed. This quick and painless process provides valuable insights.

X-Rays Utilized to rule out fractures in response to pain complaints, X-rays are a swift and painless diagnostic tool that captures images of bones and metals. To enhance accuracy, patients are usually advised not to wear metal items during their appointments.

Whole Body Scan Our comprehensive whole-body scan generates images that contribute to the evaluation of overall physical fitness. These scans provide detailed information on muscle, bone, and fat composition.


What is kyphoplasty? Kyphoplasty is a brief, minimally invasive outpatient procedure lasting 30-45 minutes, designed to address vertebral compression fractures typically occurring in the chest or lower back, particularly in areas weakened by osteoporosis.

The procedure aims to alleviate pain resulting from the fracture, restore natural vertebral height, and establish stability.

Who is an ideal candidate for kyphoplasty? Ideal candidates are patients with confirmed osteoporosis who have recently experienced an osteoporotic fracture, as the procedure is more effective when performed shortly after the fracture, enabling height restoration and pain reduction. Patients experiencing pain from an osteoporotic fracture are also suitable candidates, especially if known to have such a fracture, as the procedure can relieve pain by restoring height and stabilizing the broken vertebral body.

How does kyphoplasty work? The patient assumes a face-down position on the operating theatre table. Intra-operative X-ray guidance is employed to confirm the correct levels before making an incision. A small needle is inserted through the skin into the fractured bone, guided by X-ray imaging. A small balloon is inflated to restore the broken bone to its natural height, held in place briefly. The balloon is then deflated, and bone cement is used to fill the new space. This cement quickly hardens, essentially forming a cast inside the bone. The process may be repeated on the other pedicle on the bone to ensure uniformity and enhance the chance of deformity correction. The probe is removed, and a small dressing is applied. After the procedure, the patient is monitored briefly before going home.


What They Say About Us

Excellent experience. From front office check-in to check-out was painless and the office visit with the doctor was exceptional as always.

Adolph M

Prior to my visit, I was aware of their stellar reputation and multiple friends commented about how lucky I was to have my surgery scheduled there. As a result my expectations were high and yet the kind and professional staff with excellent patient care surpassed them.

Sally H


Goals and Objectives

The goal of the doctors, nurses, and staff at the South Texas Spinal Clinic is to provide the very best orthopedic care to the people of San Antonio and South Texas. This is accomplished through excellent communication and interaction between the doctor, nurse, and patient resulting in professional and compassionate care. We provide the highest level of expert care made possible through specialized training and education in orthopaedic medicine, spinal orthopaedic medicine, as well as physical medicine and rehabilitation.

We specialize in the medical and surgical management of back and neck disorders, back and neck injuries, herniated discs resulting in arm or leg pain, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, degenerative deformities, traumatic bone fractures, joint pain, total joint replacement, rotator cuff repair, sports medicine injuries, repair of damaged cartilage and ligament, as well as many other services.
Our doctors utilize all of latest innovative state of the art techniques to perform minimally invasive surgery, microendoscopic discectomy, interbody fusions, partial and total joint replacement, and arthroscopic sports medicine surgery of the knee and shoulder. We also offer expert treatment for all manner of musculoskeletal injuries including ultrasound-guided epidural spinal injections, facet joint injections, electromyography, plasma-rich platelet therapy, stem cell injections.

In addition, we offer the very best in physical therapy services specially designed for individuals with orthopaedic related injuries that will improve your mobility, strength, and confidence.

Mission Statement

To provide the ultimate in patient care through our team of highly skilled doctors and medical support staff and to meet our patients’ needs with compassion and understanding.


We set our standards high and we are committed to providing our patients the very best that orthopaedic medicine has to offer. While we use state of the art medical technology and perform medicine’s most sophisticated procedures, we realize that personalized care should always be our goal. The well-being of our patients is the cornerstone of our practice.

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